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We are very passionate about teaching music, fostering a supportive music instruction that builds creativity and confidence of every student.
We believe and respect that everyone has different ways of learning. So we personalize each music lesson while maintaining an enjoyable learning environment.
Building connections to every student, we make sure the music they learn is relevant to them. That is why we encourage each family to support us in developing a music culture that is part of the student’s life.
We have reliable educators who find fulfillment in our team as we all shared the same passion for music that touches and uplifts the lives of all students.

What We Do
  • We teach people ages 5 and up how to play the guitar, ukulele, piano, bass, saxophone, trumpet, violin, percussion, and voice.
  • For those who would like to explore beyond playing an instrument, we also offer lessons in music production using a laptop or smartphone. Check this out!

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The Rope family

Welcome to our family! We promise to provide you with the best possible music lesson experience for you or your kids. Our focus is to help students to enjoy the music learning process and help them build confidence in all areas of life.

I grew up in a musical family where music is part of our daily lives. Everyone in my family either knows how to sing or play an instrument, except my mother. However, she is the greatest supporter and encourager among us. Perhaps she is the reason why I develop the passion of learning many instruments, as every time I see a new musical instrument, I feel the urge to own one and learn it immediately either by myself or with a teacher.

That is one of the reasons why I love to share and encourage my students and their families to cultivate a healthy musical culture in their everyday lives.

Musical instruments, guitar lessons, easy ukulele, saxophone, percussion.Personal Tip: You may not know that simply having a carefully selected background music playing in your house or car while you and your kids are doing their activities could spark curiosity about music making. There are so many proven studies conducted about the benefits of music in our lives. Just try to Google it, and you will be surprised. You never know. Watch this one!

Remember, “carefully selected music”, not random music on the radio or internet, except listening to instrumental music like jazz or classical, where you do not hear those obscene languages.

So do not wait, call us for more information and make an appointment! We look forward to helping you or your child discover how enjoyable making and learning music with us.

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